You can’t do this – Personal Trainer in Los Angeles Challenges You

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Weight loss is impossible!

Of course this isn’t true; you’ve seen many people accomplish this feat. You cannot wish the weight away. You have to change the behaviors that cause you to not lose weight and to gain weight. Don’t expect any weight loss if you’re mind is more focused on the fact you cannot lose weight. This just isn’t true. The choices you have made in the past created this overweight body as a result. By making the right choices, you can live in the body you should be living in.

The food you eat and exercises you perform are completely responsible for the state of your body. Have you been eating junk food most of your life? Have you ever exercised as much as you should? If you’re overweight, then you know the answers to these questions. Continue to make the same choices as you have been if you want to maintain your look, but if you want to lose weight it’s time to start making the right ones.

Overcome the challenges by making the right choices

You should choose to exercise as much as you can. Wake up an hour early in order to make time for it if you cannot later in the day. Make it an upmost importance in your life; you have to take it seriously! Be sure to change up which exercises you do so the body doesn’t get used to it or else the workouts will have no effect. It’s vital that you increase the intensity of the workout as well since as the body grows, it will need to work harder in order to burn off fat or build muscle.

jeff weight loss personal training clientEat food that is good for you instead of the junk you have been consuming. Never eat just because you’re bored or when you think you’re hungry. Only eat at your designated mealtimes, and only the food planned for that meal. Avoid those sugary, fattening drinks like soda as well! Instead, drinking plenty of water and consume mostly lean protein, some complex carbohyrates like oatmeal, rice or potatoes (and not manufactured carbs like bread) fruits and vegetables. The best way to make a change to your diet is to clean out the entire kitchen of any refined or processed foods. Replace them with healthy alternatives such as seeds, nuts, and whole grains. When eating meat, stay clear of red meat like steak and eat something more lean such as chicken, turkey, or salmon.

If you make the choices above, there is no reason why you cannot lose weight. Spend less time worrying about how you cannot lose weight by focusing solely on what changes you can make to do so. If you need support in reaching your goals, give me a call or send an email to set up an appointment. We’ll be able to create a plan that will slim your body down as soon as possible! Never give up, make the right choices, and you’ll be there before you know it.


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