Celebrity Trainer Reveals Celebrity Nutrition Hacks to Looking Great

sophia vegara nude How do celebrities manage to look great and keep the weight off? It turns out, when it comes to staying fit and beautiful we can look up to celebrities for their tips. They are always at events, parties, and premieres; even on location they are constantly tempted by vast quantities of food around the clock. With all that temptation and some downtime in-between takes, how do the Hollywood A-listers avoid packing on the pounds?

Many bring their own, specially prepared meals; some even hire personal chefs who travel with them. How does this relate to you? Next time you are invited to a party or get ready to hit the road, follow these celebrity healthy eating tips.

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Celebrity Healthy Eating Tips

Plan in advance

It might not sound exciting, but some bring travel-size rice cooker with them, to cook their own brown rice. Others pack single-serving sizes of organic oatmeal in ziplock baggies. Fruits, nuts or whole grain nutrition bars are easy to bring along. In other words, be prepared and always have something healthy in your purse to snack on, just in case you can’t find the right place to have a meal

I have my own secret: I use a meal delivery service to provide me with the meals I don’t have time to prepare.


Cooked to Order

Eat before you go

Never arrive at an event or a restaurant hungry. Make sure to keep healthy snacks on hand so you’re not tempted to eat fat laden appetizers.

It’s ok to cheat now and then, so long as you limit your intake. If your at a birthday party and you really want a piece of cake, go ahead. Take the smallest piece and only have a bite or two. The same can be said for french fries; have a small handful, not the entire basket! What to do when it’s a buffet? Fill only half a plate and resist going back for seconds.

Go for a walk

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, don’t just sit around. Explore a neighborhood in the new city, go sightseeing or even shopping! The goal here is to get some exercise while having some fun too.

walking for cardio

Skip on cocktails

It’s almost always a temptation to have have a glass of wine or a festive cocktail at any event. But realize that you are drinking your calories and even if you are eating healthy, that one glass of wine will hurt your waistline and possibly even your health.  If you need to relax, great alternatives are chamomile tea, sleepytime tea, or kava kava

Use clean food options in recipes:

  • Substitute nonfat version of foods for regular
  • Many recipes can use less oil or no butter at all and still work
  • Use noncaloric sweetners like Xylitol




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