Santa Monica Personal Trainer Reveals the Best Foods To Build Muscle

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In order to build muscle, you’ll need to start lifting heavy weights. The results from a workout depend entirely on both the effort you put in and the fuel you provide your body with. It can be the difference between years of working out to only months with the right diet to be able to reach your goals. Eating the wrong foods or not eating at all can also hinder your performance as well as drain your body’s energy faster.

Imagine this scenario… You’re working out every single day at the gym, performing as hard as you can with each exercise. Unfortunately, you have been doing it for awhile now and have yet to witness any results. A friend or fellow gym mate on the other hand has only been working out for a few weeks and can already see their muscles getting larger. What’s the difference between the two of you? As you may have guessed, the food you eat compared to that friend or gym mate.

Diet to Build Muscle

It’s not a good idea to do weight training fasted in the morning.    If you don’t have any stored glycogen your body will pull these amino acids from your muscles.  It’s pretty likely that you have little to no glycogen at this time because you’ve fasted all night while sleeping.  This means you are burning muscle for energy.  Your body has a limited ability to recover from training and it’s very easy for habitual exercisers to overextend themselves.

It’s best to eat breakfast with complex carbohydrates, like oatmeal, and protein, like egg whites about an hour before working out. If you are short on time then a simple protein shake fifteen minutes before would be the best option.

Proper muscle fuel does not only come from before a workout. There are certain foods you should after exercising as well in order to help the muscle recovery (building) process and replenish lost glycogen. A post-workout meal should be eaten within an hour after you have finished your routine. Have both lean protein and complex carbohydrates.

Protein:  grilled chicken, turkey breasts, or a protein shake

Complex carbohydrates: white or brown rice, potatoes, yams or carbohydrate powder.

My team personal trainers in Santa Monica will provide an optimal workout plan designed to build muscle.  We will also create a custom designed nutrition plan for you to support the building of muscle and strength.  You’ll get amazing results fast – here are a few examples;

Client before and after samples

Client before and after samples, click for more!


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