Fat Loss Body Transformation Diet Tips

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You already know my specialized fat loss body transformation workouts get amazing, fast results and flat and tight abs for you to sport year-round. You probably think it’s just the awesome workout right?

WRONG! It’s what you eat in combination with the training that determines if you’re in a “fat burning” mode or not. Someone could work out all day long, but eat in a way that promotes major fat storage. This certainly doesn’t lead to a toned, beach-ready stomach. I’ve said it before: You can’t outrun your fork!

While your diet may not be bad, my Top 5 Fat Loss Secrets below will help you improve it even more. A cleaner diet means less fat and more muscle to be ready for the beach.

Top 5 Fat Loss Secrets

Fat Loss Diet Secret #1: Don’t eat late
This is the most simple and effective way to flatten your abs. Instead of eating less food late in the evening, simply don’t eat late at all.

Try these 3 don’t eat late tips…
• Brush your teeth right after dinner. Once your teeth are clean, you’ve put an end to your consumption for the day. Everything tastes terrible after brushing 🙂
• Change things up. If your evening routine revolves around food, find a new routine.
• Let the habit form. The first few weeks will be tough, but soon your new no-food-late routine will feel normal.


drink more water for easy fat loss

Fat Loss Diet Secret #2 Drink more water

Drinking lots of water is another extremely simple way to promote fat loss. Chronic dehydration triggers false hunger signals that causes you to eat extra, empty calories. Even a slight dehydration can bring fat loss to a SCREECHING HALT.

Try these 3 drink more water tips…
• Drink a big glass of water before each meal. This will make you less likely to overeat.
• Replace sugar-filled sodas, coffee drinks and juices with water. This tip alone can make a huge difference in the shape of your body.
• Carry water with you throughout the day.

Fat Loss Diet Secret #3: Load up on fiber
Most of us do not get enough fiber in our diet. This is a problem since fiber is essential when it comes to getting lean. Fiber-filled foods are low in calories and are filling, so you’ll be eating less and getting lean.

Try these 3 get more fiber tips…

• Turn salads into meals. Add a serving of lean protein to a large pile of greens for a guiltless meal.
• Include vegetables in every meal. The benefits to eating more veggies are too many to list, so just know that your body will become healthier and leaner with each fibrous bite.
• Almonds are a tasty source of fiber. Eat a handful or so to kill your hunger and feel fuller longer.

Fat Loss Diet Secret #4: Eat fewer carbs
Now don’t freak out. I didn’t say to cut out all carbs, but rather to eat fewer carbs. These diet secrets are meant as lifestyle changes for you to stick with long term. Eating fewer carbs is a realistic and very effective way to flatten your abs.

Try these 3 lower carbs tips…
• Cut your carbs in half. Make your sandwich open-faced and cut down the size of your pasta serving.
• Avoid carb-filled snacks. Instead of crackers or chips, have a hard boiled egg, a protein shake, almonds or fresh berries or veggies.
• Eat greens instead of grains.

Fat Loss Diet Secret #5: Only wholesome sweets
healthy snacks
Refined sugar-filled sweets will quickly add up around your waistline. Learn to enjoy natural sweets.

Try these 3 clean food tips…
• Stick with berries and other low-sugar fruits Mix them in some full fat greek yogurt and just a few dark chocolate chips and you’ll have an awesome desert.
• Do not eat foods that contain white sugar or high fructose corn syrup. These items are the worst for your abs.
• Try wholesome sweeteners, like stevia. Get white sugar out of your kitchen.
Take these diet secrets and run with them. These tips, along with a challenging and consistent exercise program, are the formula for a toned, lean body.

I’m here to help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals. You deserve that fit and attractive body – I can help you get it. Contact me today to kick-start your total body transformation!

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