I Believe in Santa…What Do You Believe?

The power of positive thinking

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I believe in Santa!

The power of positive thinking – it truly is powerful. When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish almost anything. Some people won’t gain any weight over the holiday season. Why? They’ve made up their minds not to and they believe it. Do you feel the same? Or will you let your past failures dictate your future this holiday season?

How do you create the belief that you won’t gain weight this year? I’ll let Anthony Robbins, best-selling author and motivational speaker explain it for you in four simple steps:

1: Identify the belief – This holiday season, I will not gain weight.

2: Reinforce the belief – Create a list of reasons why you won’t gain weight. What are your goals? Do you want to fit into your best party clothes on New Year’s Eve? A few extra pounds and the buttons won’t button and the zipper won’t zip.

3: Disrupt Yourself – Try on your skinny jeans, your best bikini or your most form-fitting cocktail dress. Look at yourself from all angles. Better yet, take some “selfies” to show what you really look like to the rest of the world. Do you like what you see? Can you do better? Look at these pictures before you head out to a holiday dinner and give yourself the motivation you need.

4: Don’t Just Make an Action Plan, Take Action! Get started TODAY on your fitness program – right now. Don’t wait. You need the right tools to be successful in your career. The same thing goes for your health, nutrition, workout and fitness goals.

Just because you’ve gained weight before and haven’t fully figured out how to lose it doesn’t mean that you can’t. YOU are in charge. YOU control your destiny. YOU control your body. You just need a good plan. No, you don’t need to wait for the New Year. You can start NOW.

‘Tis The Season to Be Healthy

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Happy Holidays Indeed

The holidays are a great time where families and friends get together to enjoy holiday-themed food and drink. This season is the time where people gain weight the most, which isn’t too hard to imagine due to all of those delicious sweets, pumpkin pies, green bean casseroles, gingerbread houses, and high caloric beverages like alcohol and eggnog. These foods are hard to resist, but it can definitely be done and the advice below will help you do so.

The key is to always remember your body goal in mind. Look at these foods for what they really are: empty calories. Imagine that each bite you take or sip you drink will add pounds to your body instantly, which is essentially what it does. The holidays aren’t about inhaling more food than the person beside you; they’re about family and friends. Keep that in mind to better defend yourself again the temptations of these foods. What are the consequences of only a few bites? Well, hours of working out will be the consequence just to burn off a bit of holiday fat. Stick to your diet as best as you can this season.

Eat your scheduled healthy meal at home before going to holiday parties. Chewing gum may also help. If you still find it difficult to resist the offerings, then you may want to wear a tight undershirt to keep the stomach contracted. Try to stay as far as away from the food table as you can and if you do end up getting a plate, make it a very small one with the healthiest foods available. The holiday season can be quite rough, but it is important that you leave enough time for exercise. Don’t let yourself gain too much weight or you’ll have a difficult time getting back to where you were before.

Moderation is the key. Of course it is okay to have some indulgences during the season, but not at every single event you attend. For those that enjoy meat during this season, be sure to peel of the skin to reduce the fat calories. Alcohol and eggnog are major concerns as well, so have one drink and only water (I use diet soda) for the rest of the night.

Do your best avoid those excessive holiday calories to maintain your weight. It’s quite discouraging to start the New Year off with the typical 7 pound holiday weight gain most people suffer. Proper physical activity plays a major role in keeping you at your weight level. I’m alway impressed at how many people disappear from the gym entirely between thanksgiving and Christmas. To keep up your motivation I suggest you enroll in a fitness program that will help you achieve the weight you desire and keep you there for the long run. Give me a call or send an email so we can get started on creating your workout plan today!

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