How To Avoid Overtraining

overtrainingIf you’re serious about your training, you may be at risk for overtraining. It’s an easy hole to fall into for those whol love to train, or those trying to make rapid progress. Working with a qualified personal trainer is one way to make sure your determination works for you and not against you.

Overtraining Signs

Anyone can overdo it occasionally at the gym. Overtraining occurs when the problem becomes chronic. You’re working out harder and longer, but your performance starts to decline. You think you’re not doing enough, so you do more. Excessive exercise actually undermines your previous gains. You lose muscle and weaken your immune system. You may have trouble eating and sleeping. You’re likely to feel cranky and tired all the time. Instead of looking forward to your next session, you start to dread going to the gym. The fundamental problem is that you’re not getting adequate rest. The time in between workouts is when the body repairs and builds up muscle tissue.

Overtraining Solution

It’s best to prevent overtraining in the first place, but there are also effective methods for reversing the damage. A good personal trainer can evaluate your workout schedule and suggest the necessary adjustments so you’re working out smarter and not just harder. Interval training that varies the amount and intensity of physical activity is a proven strategy for success. It may also help to engage in cross training and active rest where you alternate between different kinds of exercise. On different days of the week you may lift weights or go for a swim. Of course, you also need to let your personal trainer know if you need help with getting adequate sleep and eating a nutritious diet.

If you have a tendency to overdo it, it can be difficult to spot the signs on your own. A qualified trainer like Jason Kozma can identify the problem and help you fix it. Jason is a former national champion competitive bodybuilder and martial artist with more than 20 years training experience. Contact us for personal training in Los Angeles or for online personal training.  We’ve got great a personal trainer in Venice CA and a personal trainer in Marina del Rey among many others listed here.

Get Beach Body Ready

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Here we are in July already, and as usual it’s a balmy 72 degrees at the beach. It’s great weather for getting out and hitting the pavement—or sand–anywhere in Southern California. Running in Palisades Park or Santa Monica beach, I don’t see anyone wearing anything heavier than a suit coat, and as soon as they can get out of that, they whip it off and sling it over their shoulder. This is early spring in Santa Monica.

beach body bikiniThe beaches will be crowded soon, too, which means that you want to get started now on that beach body fitness program to look your best in that new swimwear you picked up last season. Sure, I hear you: “Jason, I can’t. I don’t have the time. I don’t have the self-discipline.”

But you have the desire, and that’s all you need at this point. Because when you call me, we’ll sit down and work out just what you need and how to make time for it. My years of experience as an athlete, bodybuilder and personal trainer enable me to gauge each client’s capabilities better than they can themselves. If you don’t believe it, check out a few of the testimonials. Age doesn’t matter—I have 50- and 60-year-old clients going strong. Even heart patients have experienced dramatic improvement under my training.

Your Fitness Program

bodybuilder on beachAs your personal fitness trainer, I will design a program that you’ll enjoy, and I will instill in you the motivation to stick with it. I promise you, the satisfaction that you’ll feel on seeing your new, slimmer, toned physique will make you think you can do just about anything.

So don’t let another day go by without starting on your new life. Contact me today.

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