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Happy Thanksgiving!

more turkey me chandler
Have some more turkey!

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be super fattening if you don’t want it be: turkey, plain yams, some steamed veggies like green beans and salad without dressing are all on the diet.
Plus you can exercise in the AM on Thanksgiving and do double cardio on friday – no reason to fall down the holiday fattening season rabbit hole.
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Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

holiday-weight-lossFor some of us, the exciting anticipation of the holiday season and its festivities is somewhat diminished by an anxious worry about holiday weight gain. It is easy, between all the parties and celebrations, feasts and get-togethers, to pack on the pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. While not everyone gains the 5-7 (or 10) pounds that is sometimes reported, even a few pounds makes a big difference in your overall physical and emotional health.

But you do not have to let that happen to you this holiday season!

Santa Monica Personal Training and Mr. America Jason Kozma are ready to help you be proactive in fighting holiday weight gain and get through the season with a smile. We would like to offer you some general tips for the season and encourage you to sign-up for one of our personal training packages right away!

Stay committed to your exercise plan. Your workout sessions are a key component to your health this holiday season, so do not skip workouts. Remember your teammate, your personal trainer, is ready and waiting to guide you through a strength-building, fat-burning workout!

Indulge, but not too much. SMPT’s qualified personal training staff can help you create a holiday nutrition plan that will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks while still maintaining an overall healthy diet. Having a plan is important as you face plate after plate of calorie-heavy food.

We offer personal training packages to suit your needs and help you become a better you this holiday season! Find the confidence you will need to navigate tempting holiday menus and busy schedules.

Contact us today for more information and to start your program now!

Santa Monica Personal Training Client – Mikey Boy Premiere


My client Mikel Dusi’s movie Mikey Boy premiered in New York yesterday: Doesn’t he and Jennifer (also a client) look great?!

Read about Mikey here

Mikey’s not just leaner, but he’s really thrilled about having us having fixed his injury issues with his back, shoulder, ankle as well as being stronger than ever!


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