Personal Trainer Explains Advantages of 4 day split versus 3-day split

The standard 3 day split is fine, and that’s what most of my personal training clients have done to get the results you see on the site. After a while, however, your body outgrows the 3-day split format and requires more stimulation for results.
3 day split advantages:
3 days of weights only, (less that half the week) sufficient for weight loss as long as 6 days of cardio are done. No time in session for calves, forearms, abs are sometimes skipped and have to be done on your own.

4 day split advantages

4 days in the gym is more than half the week. Provides better behavior modification and mindset for training. More time can be spent on each bodypart for better shaping, sculpting, or strength. On the weight loss plan, the body can be trained twice per week (two upper body and two lower body workouts) for better tone and reduction. On maintenance, additional training session allows for less cardio on a daily basis for same results. On bodybuilding routines, each bodypart gets more time, working for greater results. Especially good for lagging bodyparts to catch up (for most clients, arms seem to fall behind on the 3 day split).

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The Bad News about Alcohol and Fat Burning

Anne weight loss beforebefore Anne 55 pound weight loss afterafter

Alcohol builds fat and burns muscle at the same time.  It takes up to 4 days to burn stored calories from alcohol from your system before you can start burning bodyfat.  While you can probably get away with occasional alcohol consumption while on maintenance (staying the same), you can’t afford any while trying to burn off fat.

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The Action Taker in You

Stop thinking about it, planning it and take action towards your goals – whether to lose weight, read more or go to school, do it now!

“Time is the fire in which we burn!”

time is the fire in which we burn

Client Spotlight: Amber


Santa Monica Personal Training client

PS: This is Amber at 40!



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