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12 Year Old With Rare Condition On The Road To Weight Loss

After the removal of a benign brain tumor, young Alexis Shapiro’s life began spiraling out of control. The surgery caused a series of chain reactions in her brain, ultimately resulting in damage to the part of her brain which controls appetite. This lead her body to believe she was constantly in starvation mode, and storing any calories she ate as excess body weight. In just under two years, the condition caused the 80lb girl to gain almost 140 lbs.

alexshapiroDoctors recommended a strict diet and exercise plan, but despite the best efforts of her and her parents she kept gaining almost 2lbs a week. With her situation ballooning out of control and no amount of dieting or exercise working, her parents turned to the possibility of surgery.  However, her insurance refused to pay for gastric surgery which could save her life. Faced with the very real possibility of losing their daughter, Alexis’ parents took to the internet for help. There, they were met with an outpouring of support from people all over the country. Together they were able to fund her surgery.

And now, post operation, Alexis is nearly 60lbs lighter and in so much better condition. She is off her diabetes medication, and a few other medicines she needed to take daily. It has helped reduce the hormone produced from the damaged part of her brain. The feeling of hunger is still there, just not as badly. In addition, she is now able to ‘feel’ when her stomach is full, letting her know that her body doesn’t need all the food her brain is commanding her to eat. While this progress is a direct result of the surgery, it will only count for so much.

The surgery is not a ‘fix-all end-all’ solution, just a start in the right direction. Throughout her life young Alexis will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and strict diet and exercise plan to keep herself fit. Soon it will not be enough to simply eat less, as she will have to tailor her day to day routine to include enough exercise.

This begs the question; would it be a good idea for Alexis to seek out a personal trainer? Probably so. A one-on-one personal trainer would be aware of her unique situation and can help her not just on her journey to losing the weight, but in keeping it off as well. In addition, the trainer could provide helpful insight for her diet recommendations and answer any questions she may have along the way.

In any case, we wish the best for Alexis Shapiro on her road to recovery. If you live in the Santa Monica or Los Angeles area and would be interested in personal training you can sign up now.  Our team of professional personal trainers have had years of experience and can help you on the road to your dream body. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!


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