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Past clients include professional athletes like Hideo Nomo of the LA Dodgers (Major League Baseball), Marshall Faulk of the St Louis Rams (National Football League), and Lovianne Jung of USA Softball. Former and current clients also include numerous Hollywood celebrities and musicians whom have asked that their names not be listed.

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Results that can only be achieved through Mr. America Jason Kozma's Personal Training program: Don't you deserve the best?

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Erin Breenerin breen back

Erin Breen - 12 weeks total body transformation

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Maryann before and after

Maryann before and after: 131 to 113

 Read Maryann's Testimonial


Aaron before and after

Aaron's "Dad Bod" Transformation in 12 weeks


Mandy before and after

Mandy - Age 29; Beginning weight 129 ending weight 111 time: 8 weeks


 Kevin before and after

Kevin Age: 38 Time: 6 months Goal : Muscle gain Pounds gained: 35

note: Kevin gained 20 lbs. in the first 2 months, the rest came at about 4 lbs. per month.


Carol before Carol after


Note: Kevin, Isabel, Carol and Geordie were my first 4 before and after transformations around 1997.  Don't give me guff about the lo-res images!

Geordie before Geordie after



Delaney before: Size 4 Delaney after age 50

Delaney - Size 4 to size 0 at 50


Izebel before and after

Isabel Age: 34 Time: 2 months - Goal: Fat loss - Pounds lost: 22


Anna before and after

Anna lost 55 pounds!!


Barry before and after

Barry lost 65 pounds!!


CJD lost 88 lbs

CJD lost 88lbs!



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