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Roxanne before front Roxanne before side Roxanne after lost 25 lbs



Esther before behind Esther after figure competition behind Esther after figure competition side




Cara before plus 40 pounds Cara after pregnancy weight loss

Cara: Age : 35 - 14 weeks post partum (plus 10 pounds lighter than pre-pregnancy weight) read testimonial on home page


Susan before 19% bodyfat Susan after 13% bodyfat

Susan Goal: Fat loss beginning bodyfat:19% present bodyfat: 13% read testimonial


Fred before Fred Before 2 Fred after lost 25 lbs abs Fred after lost 25 lbs back



Danielle before 126 lbs Danielle after 114 lbs




Jessica age 45 before back puffy Jessica age 45 after back lost 20 lbs




Kathy with before pants on after body




Cassie before and after



Ben before skinny Ben before skinny back Ben after muscular Ben after muscular back

Ben - Age: 41 Goal : Muscle gain Pounds gained: 25


Jeff before Jeff after lost 20 lbs
Jeff Age: 49 Time: 8 weeks Pounds lost: 20



Deena before Deena after

Height: 5'1 Pounds lost: 11

Deena: Singer, actress, personal trainer Deena's testimonial



before after lost 12lbs in 4 weeks

lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks!



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