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cara pregnant before postpartum after

Cara: Age : 35 - 14 weeks post partum (plus 10 pounds lighter than pre-pregnancy weight)

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susan before and after 19% body fat to 13%

Susan Goal: Fat loss beginning bodyfat:19% present bodyfat: 13% read testimonial


Alex - 8 weeks

Bench press: 275 - Leg Press: 1100 - Squat: 455 - Chins: 25

Jason's the man! I've been working out with Jason for two years now, and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. When I wanted to get skinny, he got me skinny. When I wanted to get muscular, he got me muscular. And, on top of all that, I genuinely enjoy working out with him. He's a pleasure to be around and makes me look forward to my training days. I could not recommend him more.


diane walter before and after

Diane before and after: Age 52 / Lost 17 pounds in 8 weeks!

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fredestrada1 fredestradaback

Fred Age: 31 Goals: Fat loss, tone muscle Weight: 207 to 181 in 5 weeks - Pounds lost:26


danielle kirk after beach

Danielle Kirk - Olympic Racewalker

Age 26 Beginning weight: 126 / 20.74% bodyfat - Current weight: 112 / 14.4% bodyfat


kayebromer-side kayebromer-back

Jessica before and after - age 45 lost 20 inches and 25lbs in 3 months!


kathy single photo lost 5 inches off waist

Kathy age 31 time: 6 weeks Pound lost: 15 Inches lost: 11 / 5 inches off her waist!

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Cassie before and after front Cassie before and after back

Cassie from UCLA - 8 weeks - read testimonial


ben spain before and after

Ben before skinny backBen after muscularBen after muscular back

Ben - Age: 41 Goal : Muscle gain. Pounds gained: 25



Height: 5'1 Pounds lost: 11

Deena: Singer, actress, personal trainer Deena's testimonial



Ariane: 8 weeks


Cassandra lost 12lbs

Cassandra model lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks


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