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 Results that can only be achieved through Mr. America Jason Kozma's Personal Training program: Don't you deserve the Best?

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Heather before 21.3% bodyfat

Heather after 14.6% bodyfat

Heather before 21.3% bodyfat 2

Heather after 14.6% bodyfat flexing arm

Heather after 14.6% bodyfat posing

Before Now Before Now Now



Kristina: Online Personal Training Client Age: 39

Kristina before 135 lbs Kristina after 123 lbs Kristina after flexing
Beginning weight: 135 Current weight: 123




Danielle before 15% bodyfat

Danielle after 10.5% bodyfat

Danielle after 10.5% bodyfat flexing

Danielle after 10.5% bodyfat posing

Before Now Now Now

Beginning Bodyfat: 15% / Current Bodyfat: 10.5%



model Amber before model Amber after

Model - Maxim, HIN
Weight lost: 5 lbs


Nate before Nate after

I’ve been lifting weights for years without making any noticeable gains. But with Jason’s nutritional plan combined with the heart pumping workouts, I not only put on close to 17 pounds of muscle, I also lowered my body fat to less than 8% in less than 3 months. The system works, it just takes hard work and determination, but then again, Jason wouldn’t allow it any other way.



Jacob before at 20% bodyfat Jacob after at 8% bodyfat

Beginning bodyfat: over 20% Current bodyfat: 8%