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 Results that can only be achieved through Mr. America Jason Kozma's Personal Training program: Don't you deserve the Best?

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Sophia before Sophia before side Sophia after

Sophia before and now - time: 4 weeks

For years I have used the Stairmaster which has allowed me to eat basically what I want and not gain weight. Yet, as a mother of two and closing in on my 44th birthday, I noticed that my body had lost much of its tone. So, as a special gift to myself, I decided to jumpstart my body by losing a little weight while firming it up, yet I knew I needed help. Through a Google search I found Jason. After our first meeting, I felt I could put my health and fitness goals into his hands, his enthusiasm and professionalism had me sold. He put me on a rigorous program that included nutrition, cardio and weights. He explained how all three are essential ingredients in achieving a higher and healthier state of fitness.

Because weight training is one important part of this program, he put me in touch with an excellent trainer, Debby McKnight, who works out of a gym closer to my home. She has a background in professional bodybuilding. She’s extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. She is also hands on which I truly appreciated. She made sure I was using proper body form while working out, not only to avoid injury, but to also give the targeted muscles the best workout possible.

Their support and expertise was invaluable in helping me not only achieve my short term goals but also create healthy lifestyle changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Thanks you two!

- Sophia


Noelle before 137 lbs Noelle after 122 lbs Noelle before 25% bodyfat Noelle after 15.5% bodyfat





Shammy before Shammy after




Gene before Gene after ripped




Cassondra before Cassondra after lost 12 lbs bikini

Cassondra: lost 12 lbs. of fat



Jeff before Jeff after abs

Jeff: lost 15lbs. of fat



Jeff and Cassondra after

Cassondra and Jeff: High Performance clients

Jason is a great trainer and delivers results. When you need to get into shape, he is the go to man for the job. - Jeff



Shelly before 145 lbs and 29% bodyfat Shelly after 119 lbs and 19% bodyfat Shelly before 145 lbs and 29% bodyfat behind Shelly after 119 lbs and 19% bodyfat behind

Shelly: 145/ 29% bodyfat to 126/19% in 10 weeks



Larry before Larry after at Musclemania Larry before lat spread Larry after at Musclemania lat spread

Larry: from "gym guy" to California Musclemania Championships 1st runner-up



Margo before Margo before

Margo lost 12lbs!



Annemarie before Annemarie after lost 24 lbs

Annemarie: lost 24+ pounds of fat in 8 weeks!




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