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Results that can only be achieved through Mr. America Jason Kozma's Personal Training program: Don't you deserve the Best?

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Laura before and after

Laura Lost 11lbs in 6 weeks

Laura's testimonial


Mark Before and after

Mark Before 12% bodyfat - After 7.5%

Mark's testimonial


Lejla before and after

Lejla before and after

Testimonial on home page and testimonials 2 page


Larry before and contest

Larry before and Musclemania California contest first runner-up at 5% bodyfat

Larry before and contest

Larry: from "gym guy" to California Musclemania Championships 1st runner-up

Larry Musclemania California and World Larry at Musclemania California and Musclemania World at 4% bodyfat

Thank you Jason for all you've done for me, especially, for molding me into the successful personal trainer and businessman that I am today. Before I came to Jason I had 5 years of experience as a personal trainer including a degree and 2 yrs as a manager training other trainers. All I was missing was Jason Kozma. With Jason's coaching I placed 2nd and 4th, respectively, in the Mr. California and Mr. World natural bodybuilding competitions I entered in 2006. Standing onstage against fierce competition, in little posing trunks, in front of a crowd is a daunting task.

Jason gave me the confidence i needed to compete. He traveled with me to my shows , cheered me from the audience, and snuck backstage to coach me whenever he saw the opportunity. Thank you Jason for working so hard. And, of course, thank you for giving me the body I always wanted. I enjoyed the training with Jason so much that I drove an hour to see him 6 days a week from the San Fernando Valley to Santa Monica. Jason developed my muscles meticulously.

He scrutinized my physique on a weekly basis, and also probably when I didnt notice and I could never tell when he would be satisfied because his standards were so much higher than mine. I was ecstatic just to see my target muscles growing but that wasnt enough for Jason. When Jason looks at you he sees a classic physique that looks good from every possible angle, with no weaknesses, and that is the direction he'll move you in. I hung on Jason's every instruction because if a pro like him thinks i have potential then it must be true.

In a perfect world where i could just sit on a beach and watch my bank account grow, I would still be training with Jason 6 days a week. Now, I enjoy training a loyal clientele that is constantly growing. I believe that people are initially attracted by the physique Jason helped me sculpt and hooked by the confidence he instilled. I have to laugh when I catch myself using one of his idioms or cracking one of his jokes or grilling someone the same way he used to grill me if i stepped out of line.

Thank you a thousand times Jason. YOU ARE THE MAN!


bikini competition before and after


Giannci: before and after - 1st runner up at her first bikini show: NPC Musclecontest


Roxanne Davis before and after Galaxy Fitness

Roxanne: lost 25 lbs and got below 10% body fat to compete in Miss Galaxy Fitness at age 39


esther venice Esther back before and after

Esther Contest History 2004 at age 40

Venice Muscle Classic Figure Short 1st place!

Tournament of Champions Figure A (3rd)

Max Muscle Naturals Masters Short (3rd)

Esther and Jason at Max Muscle 2004

Jason gives his clients a lot of support!


Hanna bikini before after

Hanna lost 10 lbs fat in 6 weeks

Hanna muscle beach 2008

Hanna went on to win Ms. Muscle Beach 2008 on Memorial Day!

Hanna's Testimonial


Melanie - Competitive marathoner 3rd place, Great Race of Agoura Deena Kastor 5K 4th place Carpe Diem Santa Monica Classic 5K

As a very busy working mother of two, it was difficult to find a nutrition plan that I could follow while constantly being on the move.  Jason gave me a nutrition program that not only made me feel full all of the time, but I never had a craving or thought about cheating. It was easy to prepare my meals and incorporate it into my hectic lifestyle. The pounds came off quickly and easily and allowed me to reach my goal weight within 8 weeks.  The trainer Jason assigned me, Morgan makes training truly fun. I get bored easily, but Morgan is constantly adjusting my workout program to keep me motivated and inspired.  He listens to your individual goals and structures the workout that best suits you and your needs. My goal was to see my abs again, find my ass, and tone up all over.. He has helped me achieve that and more. At 40 I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been. Whatever your fitness goals are, Jason will get you there!



Lisa: Beginning bodyfat: 25% Current bodyfat: 15% Pounds lost: 22 Time: 8 weeks


anthony lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks

Anthony lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks



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