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Results that can only be achieved through Mr. America Jason Kozma's Personal Training program: Don't you deserve the Best?

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Laura before and after

Laura Lost 11lbs in 6 weeks

Laura's testimonial


Mark Before and after

Mark Before 12% bodyfat - After 7.5%

Mark's testimonial


Lejla before and after

Lejla before and after

Testimonial on home page and testimonials 2 page


Jennifer E before and after front
Jennifer E before and after back

Jennifer - 8weeks



Alex - 8 weeks

Bench press: 275 - Leg Press: 1100 - Squat: 455 - Chins: 25

Jason's the man! I've been working out with Jason for two years now, and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. When I wanted to get skinny, he got me skinny. When I wanted to get muscular, he got me muscular. And, on top of all that, I genuinely enjoy working out with him. He's a pleasure to be around and makes me look forward to my training days. I could not recommend him more.


diane walter before and after

Diane before and after: Age 52 / Lost 17 pounds in 8 weeks!

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Melanie - Competitive marathoner 3rd place, Great Race of Agoura Deena Kastor 5K 4th place Carpe Diem Santa Monica Classic 5K

As a very busy working mother of two, it was difficult to find a nutrition plan that I could follow while constantly being on the move.  Jason gave me a nutrition program that not only made me feel full all of the time, but I never had a craving or thought about cheating. It was easy to prepare my meals and incorporate it into my hectic lifestyle. The pounds came off quickly and easily and allowed me to reach my goal weight within 8 weeks.  The trainer Jason assigned me, Morgan makes training truly fun. I get bored easily, but Morgan is constantly adjusting my workout program to keep me motivated and inspired.  He listens to your individual goals and structures the workout that best suits you and your needs. My goal was to see my abs again, find my ass, and tone up all over.. He has helped me achieve that and more. At 40 I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been. Whatever your fitness goals are, Jason will get you there!



Lisa; Beginning bodyfat: 25% Current bodyfat: 15% Pounds lost: 22


anthony lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks

Anthony lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks



Ariane: 8 weeks



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