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By Steven Travers
StreetZebra 1997

streetzebra coverSo you are out of shape, and feel that getting into good physical condition is an uphill climb that you can never make? Think of it like rallying in a baseball game. You must score one run at a time. If you trail by a lot, you cannot hit a six-run homer. Put men on base and knock ‘em in one at a time.

The same thing applies to conditioning. Put in a little effort every day. Do not worry about your gains. Do not even check your weight every day. If you put in effort, you will see gains over time.

Most trainers emphasize fitness strength. However, that may not yield the results you are looking for. Most people train to look good; the amount of weight they lift is a secondary concern, if a concern at all. Therefore, train for cosmetic enhancements. This will help you to create the desired body shape, rather than oddly developed or unchanged bodies.

Most trainers do not give a lot of thought to the uniqueness of a client’s body. Their thinking is "If it works for me, it’ll work for you." However, most trainers have been training for many years and do not know how to teach a new trainee how to get in touch with their body and feel their muscles perform the exercises properly. You must be able to feel and control your muscles.

Change your routine
Most trainers have their clients perform the same workout every time, over and over again, for months and even years. Your body needs a change (not to mention your mind). Create an ever-evolving workout pattern for yourself. Do not limit yourself to a certain rote series of sets, reps and exercises. You will improve more safely and quickly by changing things around.

steve buscemi

client Steve Buscemi

Jason Kozma
"I’ve had an opportunity to train with five different trainers," says entrepreneur Steve Buscemi (not the "Fargo" actor). "Jason is the only trainer I’m aware of who customizes training and nutrition to my specific needs and goals."

Jason emphasizes the gradual approach outlined above. If that sounds good to you, he can be reached at , or by checking out his web site at Personal training sessions start at $65 per hour. He can tailor a starter program for you, and work with you on body part specialization, in-home training, nutrition, and custom-designing the program that is right for you.

Forget lethargy and apathy. Give Jason a ring and get started!

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