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Jason Kozma is the best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles for your fitness goals of body shaping, strength, weight loss and more. He has 30 years of fitness and athletic experience. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, increase your sports performance or just feel great, training with Jason and his Team is the best move you can make. Jason’s past bodybuilding titles include Mr. America, Mr. Muscle Beach, Southern States Champion and others.

Jason is not merely another personal trainer.  As a Body Transformation Artist,  Jason’s art is creating beauty.  His medium is the human body and his tools are weight training, nutrition and cardiovascular exercise.  Everyone has the potential to have a great body.  Most need help in unlocking that potential.  Let Jason help you.

Jason Kozma moved here in 1995 for the express purpose of being a full-time professional personal trainer in Los Angeles. He did not move here to be an actor, writer, model, or even professional bodybuilder. He moved to Los Angeles because he knew it was the only place in the country where you can become a full-time professional personal trainer as your career. Jason is also a certified sports nutritionist and  certified personal trainer.

The road to becoming Los Angeles’s premier personal trainer has been a long one. Jason has personally trained hundreds of clients, and several just like you! Jason’s was one of the first personal training websites (1997) on the Internet.   Being first to market, Jason created the concept and term online personal training.  Jason is a Master personal trainer,  creator and trainer of personal trainers and fitness professionals.  Jason created the High Performance personal training method, his unique model of providing rapid results, body transformation and body shaping training. Jason’s High Performance personal training team practices his training methods.

The Internet is riddled with positive reviews and testimonials to his service. You can check him out on other websites like yelp, citysearch, google plus, and a myriad of others.

Called The Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles For A Reason

Jason is regarded in the personal training industry as a leader and the template from which pretty much all personal trainers have arisen. Many others have come and gone, but Jason remains.

If you are serious about your health, fitness, and body sculpting goals, doesn’t it make sense to work with the best, most established and most proven professional in the industry possible? Don’t you deserve that?

Jason is 100% focused on you and your goals at all times. Jason does not have other priorities. Whether you are training with Jason himself or one of his highly qualified Personal Trainer Los Angeles team members, Jason is always working behind the scenes on improving your experience and results.

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A Q&A with Fitness Expert In Santa Monica Jason Kozma


Mr. America Jason Kozma

Who are you? I’ve been the top Santa Monica personal trainer and fitness expert for over 20 years. I’m a former competitive bodybuilder and martial artist. Some of my past bodybuilding titles include first place at Mr. America, Mr. Muscle Beach, Southern States Championships, Tennessee Valley Championships, and Kentucky Derby Championships. I’m also a black belt and former instructor of Japanese Karate. I have lived a lifestyle of fitness and exercise since the age of 12.

What are your qualifications? In addition to my bodybuilding experience and titles, I’ve been a certified personal trainer since the early 90s. I have trained hundreds of clients of every type imaginable: young, old, fit, unfit, bodybuilders, the obese, housewives, athletes, celebrities, CEOs and more. I am also a certified sports nutritionist. Check out the results of my work on my client before and after photos and client testimonials sections.

What if I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder? I’m perfectly aware that most people do not want to look like bodybuilders. However the art and science of bodybuilding is about minimizing fatty tissue and maximizing muscle shape, strength, metabolism, and firmness. That’s what everybody is after. My training and nutrition techniques derived from bodybuilding deliver the most rapid and noticeable body transformation results anywhere. Just check out the before and after and client testimonial section of the site for examples.

What is your philosophy? My philosophy is the client comes first. What does that mean? That means that each clients nutritional and training program is custom designed to the clients needs, desires and abilities. I am not interested in forcing your body to fit within my fitness paradigm. I am interested in getting you the results that you want as quickly as possible using the most efficient methodology available. I am a big believer in natural health, organic eating and acupuncture.

On the professional / business side, I also believe that consistency and reliability in your personal trainer are absolutely essential. You will get that here. Your personal trainer will not cancel or reschedule your appointments, that is the prerogative of the client, not the trainer.

Who trains with you in Santa Monica? A types. People who know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to get there.

What is your ideal client? Clients who train with me personally come from varied backgrounds and are at different stages of fitness, but they all share one trait: they are 100% dedicated to following my advice, training to their limits and getting the results they asked for.

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