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Yoga instructor Kim

Optimize your yoga practice utilizing the "Kim Comprehensive Method"

Have you noticed that you are having injuries that are lingering throughout the year?

Are there specific muscle groups the you would like to strengthen fast to prevent injuries?

Are you doing your Cardio? Did you know you should?

Kim’s Comprehensive Method- Vinyasa flow Yoga and Stretch

Developing the right mind set and cultivating awareness is the first big step towards an exercising routine. Equally important is consistent practice, positive attitude, knowing when to push and when to back off and just breathe.

Female Private yoga santa monica & West Los Angeles

Let us design a program that will redefine your ideas about health and exercise. Together we will identify your patterns, contributing weaknesses, areas of tightness and move towards a practice that heals, not hurts.

Using Yoga and Stretching will help open the tight spots, relieve chronic pain, release areas that are holding stress and bring support where you need it. We will increase muscle mass and speed up your metabolism as well as burn off calories and unwanted body fat. I teach a vinyasa style, that links breath with movement, through a heat building sequence of asanas. You will break a sweat and stretch all major and minor muscle groups.

I will develop a fresh approach and provide a routine that is varied as you like.
Let us build a relationship with the foundation of Love, Trust, Honesty and Positivity.

Namaste from Kim

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Private yoga packages


1 hour trial class $100
10 one hour classes $90 each
20 one hour classes $80 each
2 or more students: add $20 each