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After I suffered a tragic motorcycle accident that led to the loss of part of my leg, I was not able to work out for a little over a year. One day I realized that I needed to force myself out of the couch and back into the gym, but due to the amount of muscle atrophy, I decided to look for a personal trainer. After meeting with at least five trainers in LA, I decided to go with Jason. He understood my particular situation and adapted every single exercise to my needs. He’s the best out there, bar none.

After meeting with at least five trainers in LA, I decided to go with Jason.
Gabriel – Post Rehab
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This guy always stays at the top of his game. He is not the type of a trainer who comes and goes, if you know what I mean. He is very precise when it comes to nutritional plans (I would not call it a “diet” but rather a healthy eating). He chooses best personal trainers for his team. Specify your goals, and he will tell you in details how to achieve them.

The best!
I’ve been working with Jason for over a year now and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Jason creates a comfortable atmosphere and then pushes you to work hard. Each session is challenging and consistent. He makes sure my form is correct and has recently helped me get back into the swing of working out post-surgery. Jason motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results with my workouts and my eating habits. I have incredible energy, and my shape and muscle tone have improved immensely from where I started. Initially I started to take off the excess weight; now that I have maintained my desired weight for over a year, I’m setting new goals for strength, growth and maintenance. If you are serious about living a fit lifestyle, Jason will lead you with the perfect combination of tough and warmth. Because of his efforts, I am not only stronger, I enjoy working out, I don’t dread hitting the gym-when you get results, you want to stick with it!

I have never felt stronger or healthier
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Jason is a consummate professional with a strong reputation, a long history, proven success and staying power in an industry full of “here today gone tomorrow” trainers and businesses. He is a go-to resource and expert in his field.

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I have has referred numerous fitness and athletic rehabilitation clients to Jason Kozma. He is an outstanding fitness expert who is able to apply practical kinesiology and nutrition ideals to a wide client base with varying fitness and health needs. Jason simply gets results! We highly recommend and endorse his services.

Jason simply gets results!
Dr. Sonia
Referring physician
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Jason was great at helping me reach my goal weight in record time. I’m 5’1 and I lost my goal of 9 pounds in 6 weeks, with his very strict diet plan and exercise regimen. I worked out for years and never got the results I wanted, mainly because I thought I could eat whatever I wanted, since I worked out. Jason made me realize the importance of what you put in your mouth and how it makes a huge difference in your results. It takes a while to get used to eating this way, but I’m still following the diet, even after I’ve met my goal. I feel better and have more energy. Jason was always available to answer my questions and to help me understand why I should follow this eating plan.
As a nurse, I thought I understood how nutrition affected my body, but there was a lot I learned from Jason. My diet and workouts are much more effective, and I’m not wasting my time. If you are serious about changing your lifestyle and eating habits, I highly recommend working with Jason. He makes you accountable and you will definitely see results.

I highly recommend working with Jason...
Gloria F., RN
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Dear Jason – My body stands up to NW Connecticut (thanks to you), up and down terrain, lots of stairs and a Czech director whose clinical depression makes me wonder if I would do better w/ a Hungarian*. I miss your brand of pain, — it’s funnier…
Affectionately, Bo
(Jason Kozma is of Hungarian ancestry, we spoke of this often in our sessions)
*Yes, this is the famous screenwriter.
I miss your brand of pain...
Bo Goldman
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I have been training for two years know and I just felt stuck, so I decided to train with a professional and luckily I found Jason. I worked out for a month during summer and saw changes in my body, got stronger and overall felt better. It’s not easy and even though I haven’t yet reached my goals, training with him just motivates me to carry on. Jason thanks to you I will have a new lifestyle and I will train harder. I can’t thank you enough! Oh! And I will probably be back…


Jason is an amazing trainer! He got me into the best shape of my life, and gave me the foundations in exercise and nutrition that I carry with me for the rest of my life. A great investment into myself! I would most definitely recommend him!


Jason has the most professsional and effective personal trainers. I was very pleased with the results I obtained and the reasonable prices. I would recommend his services without hesitation specially if you want to take your fitness to a much higher level.

Lost 15lbs
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Jason delivers! I had always wanted to get in good enough shape to show off, that was my goal. At the age of 53, with the support and encouragement of Jason, I entered the master’s division of the Venice Body Building Classic, …and won! Jason coached me for three months in my diet, and exercise regimen and supervised my workouts two days a week. He helped me get in phenomenal shape and gave me the confidence to get up on stage and strut my stuff! Jason lives what he teaches. You can trust him to get you in the shape you want, whatever that is. Like he says, “just do what I say” It works EVERY TIME. Thanks Jason!
Gale: Venice Muscle Classic Champion (at age 53!)
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Jason was extremely professional, on time, focused, and a no-nonsense, results oriented trainer. He pushed me hard, was consistent, made excellent recommendations, and got me better results than I ever imagined. His integrity and knowledge were clearly above his counterparts as I could visually see the difference between my time spent with him compared to other trainers in the gym and their client’s results.
Better results than I ever imagined
Jason is a great coach… Highly recommend him!
I've lost 4.5 kg in 15 days
Hi Jason, I BELIEVE IN YOU thats why I’ve been following you. I saw a supporter of me in you. I respect you a lot and hence I want to inform you that in just 15 days, I’ve lost 4.5 kg of my weight, the credit is all yours. Jason, Thank you so much for being there for me. You are an angel…… Love, Pragnya
Jason is the missing link...
Jason is the missing link. No, I don’t mean the human evolutionary one, but the best and only connection that I know of between the world of professional bodybuilding (where athletes dramatically improve their shapes) and the world of every-day personal training. For over a decade, I have either worked out with Jason, watched him train other clients, or watched him do his own workouts. By taking the proven techniques from the sport of bodybuilding and tailoring them to the everyday goals of his clients, Jason gets fantastic results with noticeably predictable regularity. I came to Jason at an age and a point in my career where I was not so optimistic about ever looking great again. And then, a couple of years later, people started saying to me: “Dude, you are ripped.” Trust me, it was a lot of fun hearing that. Thanks for your help, JK—it was essential. John M.
John M.
Being a dancer (hip hop, jazz, ballet) most of my life, I had always been able stay in decent shape. However, after college I wasn’t able to maintain this level of activity and settled into a sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits. I needed a drastic lifestyle change, so I decided to sign up for Jason’s 8 week program and am amazed by my results.
I’ve lost a total of 14lbs so far and have dropped 1% off my body fat every week! In addition to being more toned, I also have more energy and have learned the importance of strength training, cardio and eating a clean diet. Jason has been very motivational and has kept me on track the whole way. I couldn’t have chosen a more knowledgeable trainer to help me achieve my goals and go beyond what I thought was possible. Every week I get more and more compliments from friends and family on what I have accomplished and I know that all of my hard work is paying off.
I have completely changed the way that I eat and exercise and feel so much happier and healthier thanks to Jason.

Thanks so much!
I've lost a total of 14lbs so far...
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Six months ago, I discovered Jason’s site and signed up for a 3-month package, hoping to lose a pesky 10 pounds that haven’t budged for years in spite of my daily cardiovascular workouts (cycling, running and competitive tennis). I’ve always disliked gym workouts and knew I wouldn’t stick with a program unless I had an inspiring, caring trainer keeping me honest.
Jason is that and more: not only is he the best, most committed personal trainer I’ve witnessed, but his program got those 10 pounds off my body in the promised 3 months! Additionally, my fitness and energy levels were boosted in time for a grueling book tour that required traveling among 9 cities in 2 weeks. I’m sold on Jason’s programs and can’t imagine my life without them now.
 Ruth Luban, Author 
I'm sold on Jason's programs and can't imagine my life without them now
Ruth Luban
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Jason is a life changer! I came to him with a typical expectation of a personal trainer. “Give me one more rep.” “You can do it.” Instead what I got was an expert who crafted a complete workout and nutritional plan customized to help me achieve my objectives. He took the time to help me define my desired state and monitored my progress throughout offering advice and making modifications along the way. Jason’s programs aren’t about quick fixes. They’re about lifestyle changes and the results are obvious and measurable. Two and a half years later, i can still reach out to Jason for advice. On numerous occasions, I’m applauded by fellow gym members for my transformation. And every time, I refer them to Jason.

Jason is a life changer!
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If you’re looking for results, Jason is your man for personal training. He is is tough, but compassionate and devoted. He will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your own personal goals and encourage you to perform better than you thought possible. I hired Jason before my 40th b-day, and I lost 17 lbs. in 2.5 months, and I regained the tone I had from my 20’s. Jason motivated me during those times I wanted to cancel a session, and I am so glad he did! I would definitely recommend hiring Jason, and I would hire him again!
I lost 17 lbs. in 2.5 months
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If you want the best of the best when it comes to hitting your weight loss goals – you absolutely have to work with Jason!

Laurie S
He really helped me change my life!
Jason’s advice and especially his diet plan were great and helped me lose over 40 lbs. He referred me to a fantastic trainer on his team and the results have been amazing. He really helped me change my life!

Jason is a true expert in his field; he effortlessly taps into his knowledge and experience to deliver quality training, which, if followed correctly, produces quality results. And he’s fun!

Muscle gain
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Jason was a wonderful connection in my life who helped me get back in shape after my children and car accident. I was able to lose 20 pounds using his high performance system and at several points been able to get back into the shape of my life by just checking my old logs and touching bases with him. When ever I gain 10 pounds I just refer back to his system and if I follow the plan….the weight comes right off. Thank you for all the help over the years. your program has been priceless!
Your program has been priceless!
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Jason is without a doubt the best trainer I have worked with – he’s motivating, has a sense of humor, but most importantly he produces results. I experienced my highest levels of fitness when I was stationed in Los Angeles and could workout with him on a regular basis. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and appearance. If only I could return to a job in LA – I’d work with him again in a heartbeat!
I'd work with him again in a heartbeat!
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Jason is a high profile trainer but that never stops him from answering emails and returning phone calls. He is an expert on the human body and if you’re willing to listen to him, together he can get you to where you want to be.

He delivers spectacular results...
Jason is an excellent, results-driven personal training expert. He has built a stellar reputation in the industry and brings a deep wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to every meeting with a client. His motivational newsletter and weight loss challenges are hugely popular, plus he delivers spectacular results. Jason cares deeply about ensuring his clients get in the best shape of their lives, as well as develop a healthy, balanced and successful life style. I highly recommend his services!
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I worked out with one of Jason’s trainers for over two years and interacted with him and took his advice multiple times a week during that period. I would seriously recommend that anyone looking for an awesome personal trainer have a chat with him. Not only does he know his business, but he is just an all around cool guy. It is evident from the shape he keeps himself in that he really knows his way around nutrition, fitness, and the gym – but despite all this he is super friendly and accessible to anyone at whatever stage of their fitness journey. He won’t let you get away with any excuses though…he is there to seriously kick your butt into shape, and you won’t regret it.
He won't let you get away with any excuses...
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Santa Monica Personal Training put me back on track! – Before I found SMPT, I worked out 6 times a week and ‘thought’ I was eating healthy; so when I couldn’t drop the inches I wanted to, I felt discouraged. That’s when I decided I needed to get an expert’s help & signed up for SMPT’s 8-week personal training & food program. Jason set me up with an amazing personal trainer in my area and a diet fit to my weight/height & weight loss needs. I was very impressed with the attention Jason gave me throughout the program – checking in on my diet, training & cardio on a weekly basis and making adjustments when needed to ensure ultimate weight loss. Week by week I saw my measurements decrease…In 8 weeks time I lost 11 inches! I feel so much more confident and love how toned my body looks. I can now slip into my jeans that I haven’t been able to fit into in 2 years! SMPT definitely helped give me that extra push that I needed to turn my bod & diet back around. – Kimberly

In 8 weeks time I lost 11 inches!


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