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1.The majority of trainers are not well versed in training clients from varied backgrounds with unique capabilities and limitations. For the most part they simply do not understand what the client is hoping to accomplish. We do. Most trainers are not good teachers and do not know how to teach a sedentary or inexperience exerciser how to train the target muscles correctly.
2. Many other trainers have their clients doing ineffective training routines that simply do not work regardless of how hard or often the client trains. My clients enjoy an ever- evolving workout that varies as their bodies and needs change. The results of my approach include rapid weight loss, strength enhancement, and improved body and self-image.

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sign-up I have always looked like I was in good shape, But as the years caught up with me and my middle started to expand I thought that I should get a trainer and start working on my eating habits. I found Jason at Santa Monica Personal Training on the internet and gave him a call. He explained the diet and workout routine that I would need for what I was looking for. After only a couple of weeks I really started to notice the difference. After 8 weeks I felt and looked like a new person. I can not say enough about the expertise Jason has in his field. He made the sessions work for my needs and helped me to feel better about myself. My friends, co-workers, clients, and others have all noticed the difference and asked me what I was doing. I can not recommend Jason enough. Not only does he make your body look better but he makes the work out fun. THANK YOU JASON FOR EVERYTHING.

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sign-up I was training for about a year, and wanted desperately to compete in figure competitions. I had a hard time losing that “extra” fat, especially on thighs and Glutes. I contacted Jason Kozma, and we sat down for a consultation. He knew exactly what needed to be done to achieve my goals. I had only 6 weeks, and on the 1st appointment with Jason I was 18% body fat. By following Jason’s expertise in nutrition and supplements, I was able to get down to 9% BODY FAT in LESS than 6 weeks. Jason Kozma, knows what he’s doing… he is the real deal. Many personal trainer’s can talk, but few deliver. I went from a flabby average girl… to the 2006 Ms. Figure America. I would have NEVER taken first place if it wasn’t for Jason. I intend to use him again throughout my career in Figure Competing.

From Wil:

All of our lives Casey and I have been athletes, participating in high school and college athletics. Casey in fact was a Division 1 Volleyball player until she broke her back. Through the rehab and the years since her accident, she noticed her body changing in a way that didn’t make her happy. She was in many cases unable to perform various exercises as she used to and when she was able to workout, it was at a level that didn’t produce results. This left her disappointed and depressed to say the least, as well as 40 pounds heavier. As for me, as I’ve aged and gotten a real job (one in which I work 15 hours/day) I noticed that I was unable to get to the gym as often as I used to. I began to eat a ton of fast food due to its convenience, and as a result, I noticed that my physique had changed drastically. I had back fat and a pot belly and was starting to look like all of those other 30 something men I see everywhere, with their bellies hanging over their belts. This was unacceptable for us both; we decided to seek help, which is what led us to Jason Kozma. Jason sat down with us, went through our daily routines and meals and taught us about the nutrition mistakes that we were making, which ultimately was keeping us from our goals. He also referred us one of his trainers (Mike) in Hollywood near our home. Mike was extremely knowledgeable about muscle building as well as helping Casey with her injury rehab. Mike worked with each of us independently to develop a personalized training routine that combined muscle fatigue/confusion with the correct types of cardio needed to attain our goals.

In the end:

Casey has lost over 43 pounds, going from 182 to 138, she has lost 13% body fat going from 29% to 16%. She has thrown away almost 99% of the clothes in her closet and has had to go shopping for new sexy and trendy clothes (skinny jeans, tight dresses and shorts etc). But best of all, her back is no longer weak and doesn’t plague her; she now carries her head high both in confidence and pride. She has completed a course that not many have the internal fortitude to even start, let alone finish. In that journey, she has realized that it was not a course or a diet or a routine that helped her accomplish her goals, but in fact, it was the decision to make a life change. Thanks to Jason and Mike she now has the tools to look great and be healthy for the rest of her life.

From Casey:

Wil has lost 22 pounds, going from 182 to 160; he lost 8% body fat going from 14% to <6%. He also had to clean out his closet, get suits and pants taken in. When he started his training with Jason and Mike, he wanted to lean down, loose his muffin top and get his abs back. What Wil gained in the end was a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, muscle development/maintenance and many other facets of maintaining a healthier, stronger and more visually appealing body.

The bottom Line:

Lets face it, if you’re reading this testimonial you have most likely found your way to Jason’s website because you are not currently happy with the way you look and feel physically. At the very most basic level we all want to look and feel good not just for ourselves, but also for our loved ones. By teaming up with Jason and making the commitment to trust him, you make the first step to realizing a new you, both physically and emotionally. If we can do it so can you!!

Singup As the age of 47 approached I found myself in the midst of a mid-life crisis with an excess of 10 pounds on my small frame. Jason gave me the direction and motivation I needed to transform my body. I worked out with Morgan for 8 weeks and found his style, experience, and attention to my particular needs fantastic. I have so much energy and feel so good I'm thinking of a mini marathon! Thank you Morgan for your direction and thank you Jason for showing me the path to healthy eating and understanding my body!
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My custom-designed Santa Monica personal training program will work for you even if you have been unsuccessful in strength / muscle building or weight loss before! Call now and find out how quickly you can get in the best shape of your life!

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Q: Why does Mr. America Jason Kozma's Program work so much better than other personal trainers' systems?

While my system is designed for visible results first, the program also rapidly improves your energy, mood, fitness and general health level. Most fitness programs emphasize improvement in general fitness and "functional" strength, assuming this will create the client's desired body shape. Most of the time it does not: The client's body does not change or you end up with an oddly developed physique and an unhappy client - or worse: A client who does not believe that their body can improve!

1. My program is designed to reshape your body. You will gain strength, be healthier, and more fit. Together we will create the body you want.

2. In order to sculpt your muscles (you can't shape your fat), you must be able to target and work the intended muscle groups and areas. This is called the mind-body connection. I will teach you this.

3. The body needs variable stimulus. My workouts are not constrained by a rigid series of exercises, sets, and reps. My clients improve safely and quickly.

Q: Can you really change my body?

Our results speak for themselves. Please explore our Before & After and Testimonials section for inspiring results. If we can do it for these clients, we can do it for you! 10 out of 10 new clients notice changes in their appearance within the first 14 days of using my system.

Q: Do you have female personal trainers?

Yes: We have Deena, Kim, Debby, Tasha, and more female personal trainers in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.


Achieving your personal fitness goals takes work in the gym, of course. There is just no way you are going to get the physique you want without some effort in the physical sense.

However, you are not going to get the body you want just by exercising, either. Many people do not realize that if they want to reach optimum health and fitness, they need to be very careful about what and how they eat, too.

Now, of course, the Internet is awash with information about what you should be eating. Even so, working with an experienced nutritionist is essential to get you the benefits you want.

Why? That's because so many informative articles and nutrition-tip posts are not customized for you as an individual, so their advice is of limited application. A 215-lb. man has far different dietary needs than does a 110-pound woman, for example. That equation gets more complicated when you add a fitness regimen to the picture. Someone who exercises a lot will likely need more protein than the average sedentary person, for example.

As a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer Jason Kozma understands the role a healthy, sustainable diet plays in helping his clients meet their objectives. Unlike the many other trainers who focus solely on exercises, Kozma takes a holistic approach that looks at a client's entire lifestyle. This comprehensive take on client service is something Kozma is well-known for.

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Our headquarters is on 3rd Street promenade in Santa Monica. We have personal trainers in studios and gyms in Pacific Palisades, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Marina del Rey, Venice, West Los Angeles, Long Beach, Manhattan Beach and others.  In home or on location training is available in most Los Angeles areas.

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No, we do not only train bodybuilders, models and athletes, but if we can do it for them,
we can do it for you!  - Jason Kozma

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